Educational resources


In this post of my blog we are going to know different educational resources.

I am a teacher of Early Childhood Education and I like to do fun crafts and games whit my students.

I have a YouTube channel where I upload content created for them. In this channel, Iwork on differents topics such as psychomotor skills, mathematical logical thinking, language skills, music, english learning, crafts with recycled materials, etc.

Also, I like to tell stories because it has many benefits for children. These benefits are:

  • It develops the creativity and instills a love of reading.
  • Helps express their own emotions.
  • It promotes the intellectual development of the child and increases vocabulary.

There are so many educational resources that we can use in our class with our students. Several examples of these educational resources can be:

  • Learn the vowels in Spanish, as well as the words that carry those vowels.

  • Learn to write colors in English; red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, white, black, etc.

  • Play classical music for the children to relax. It is very important to use it to calm down in nervous situations.

  • Coronavirus history. In these times of pandemic that we are living by covid19 it`s very important to know how to explain it to children. The best is through stories and tales. Also, storytelling.

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A big hug and a lot of kisses.