Drawings Halloween 2020


As is traditional, the night of October 31 is Halloween night.

The days before we can do crafts and games with the little ones in the house.

The crafts for Halloween that we can do whit them are:

  • Vampires with tempera: We will paint our hand with colored tempera and stamp it on a cardboard. We will place two eyes on the palm of the hand and two fangs.
  • Ghost with cotton: We will draw a ghost on a white cardboard and then we can stick cotton balls on the body of the ghost. Then we glued three pieces of black eva tubber for the two eyes and the mouth.
  • Mummy with thread: on a black cardboard we will draw the silhouette of a person. We cut out the silhouette and wrap it in white thread to make it look like a real mummy.
  • Pumpkins and ghosts with ballons: We will inflate orange and white ballons and tie them. We will paint the face of the pumpkin and the ghost with a black edding. These ballons will serve to decorate the room. We have to be careful with the ballons so that our children do not suffer any accidents.

Apart from these crafts, as a techer I have created a video to teach children to draw things related to Halloween. In particular 4: a ghost, a spider, a bat and a pumpkin.

Drawings Halloween

Here is the video to teach you how to draw.

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